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Environmental Remediation

The first step in effective remediation is determination of the source of moisture leading to the contamination. The circumstances leading to excessive moisture must be effectively repaired, altered, or otherwise solved before any other activity is undertaken. All porous materials must be removed and replaced including wood, sheetrock, and insulation that has shown signs of moisture penetration or microbial growth. Carpets and carpet pads are removed and replaced with a hard surface floor covering such as wood, tile, or linoleum. When contaminated, air conditioning systems including the evaporator coil, plenum, ducts, and registers usually must be replaced. Cleaning of ducts by commercial companies are seldom effective techniques. When all repairs have been done, the home should be re-cultured to confirm that microbial counts are within expected range. If counts remain high, additional efforts to find the source must be undertaken. THIS MAY BE DIFFICULT!