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Idiopathic Intersitial Lung Disease

Chest x-ray and CT scans

Chest X-ray:

The chest x-ray is the most commonly ordered study in the early evaluation of patients with lung complaints.

In the interstitial lung disease category of the environmental disorders, the chest x-ray may reveal dense, cellular, interstitial infiltrates in several areas of the lungs with little fibrosis in the acute presentation. Upon recurrance of the disease, after drug treatment or avoidance of the causative environment, the infiltrates may occur in different areas than previously seen (migratory infiltrates). If the disease becomes advanced, or is insidious type presentation, extensive fibrosis may be the dominant x-ray finding.

The chest x-ray in the nuisance category is usually normal, or suggestive of another disease state. Patients with an asthma or chronic cough presentation may have a chest x-ray that reveals hyperinflation suggesting an obstructing lung disorder.


CT Scan:

The CT scan mirrors the chest x-ray in the interstitial lung diseases, but may give considerable more detail as to the lung damage.