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Examples: Home Mold Contamination

Air conditioning registers that have Cladosporium mold growing on a metal
surface. This was caused by a leak in the return ducts of the air conditioning
system, allowing hot, humid air to enter leading to condensate forming on
cold metal surfaces.

Carpet soiled by dog urine. Mold and bacteria grew beneath the carpet pad an the concrete slab.

Mold growth beneath a carpet underneath a window that leaked with rain fall.

Heavy mold contamination beneath the carpet pad on the concrete slab. This was the result of a plumbing leak which flooded the home. The carpet and pad were not removed but simply dried in place.


Cladosporium mold growing in a proximal duct. This was the result of the air conditioning fan too close to the condensing coil. Condensate was blown past the condensate pan into the plenum and proximal ducts.

Stachbotrys atra around a light switch dues to a leak from an improperly installed window.